Pokemon Go Promo Code 2017 List Free Coins Hack Trick November 2017

Pokemon Go Promo Code 2017 List Free Coins Hack Trick November 2017
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Pokemon GO Promo Code For Coins

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Pokemon GO is a reality video game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. The game is being liked and played all over the world due to its innovative concept. If you are a Pokemon lover then this game is for you. Over 500 Million from all over the world are enjoying the Pokemon Go game. You can earn the coins with Pokemon Go Promo Code For Coins. 

How To Play Pokemon Go

Follow These Steps and You can Play Pokemon Go and Explore New Pokemon Around You.

In this game, you have to catch the Pokemon and then train it yourself. You have to turn on your mobile GPS and Location for catching the Pokemon. As you will turn on the GPS it will show a Pokemon nearby your area. You have to walk at that point and your smartphone will show you the Pokemon in your mobile. You have to use Pokemon Go Promo Code For Coins.
Then go and capture the Pokemon by. When the Pokemon is yours then you can train the Pokemon. In this way, you have to explore the surroundings around you and you will find many Pokemon around your location. Keep using Pokemon Go Promo Code For Coins.

Use The Map

It’s the second main step for Finding a Pokemon.The map is your main view while playing Pokemon GO. And the map is based on the actual real-world map of the streets and pathways where you are standing. So there is a lot of information that is useful for you when you are searching for a Pokemon Go Promo Code For Coins. Without the Map, you will not be able to find the Pokemon. You will be always in the center of the map. So use the map to find PokeStops, Gyms and the location of nearby Pokemon.

Encounter The Pokemon

This is the main step of Capturing the Pokemon. Keep an eye out for glowing areas that indicate where you may find Pokemon. There are some chances of Seeing a Pokemon in that areas, but not always. Pokemon love places like public parks and recreation areas. So get outside and walk around the area to find more Pokemon Go Promo Code For Coins. Encounter the Pokemon with Patience as you see the Pokemon. Because they are very clever and Fast. You may loose the Pokemon while encountering it if you will not be Alert.

Keep Visiting Pokestops

Look for PokeStops for gathering some items.These items will help you in finding and Capturing the Pokemon. You can find these Pokestop at interesting places like historical markers, and monuments. You can collect more Poke Balls and other items like Pokemon Go Promo Code For Coins at PokeStops, which show up on your map as blue squares. When you will be at the Pokestop then box on top of the blue square will open on your Mobile Phone. Then you can collect the items that you will need, like Pokemon Go Promo Code For Coins.

Be Aware Of Pokemon’ s Favorite Habitats

If you want to catch the Pokemon you should find them where they love to live. For example, if you are looking for a Water type Pokemon you should find that Pokemon on the beach or at a pier. Same, if you are at open field then you will face a Grass type of Pokemon.

So search the type of Pokemon according to its Habitat.  You can see the kinds of Pokemon that might be found near your current location by using the Sightings feature. If the Pokemon is already in your Pokedex, then it will appear in color,  and if not then it will appear as dark silhouettes. Apply the Pokemon Go Promo Code For Coins for getting a good result.

Always Load Up Your Bag

Access your Bag in the Map view by touching the Poke Ball icon. You can collect and keep Poke Balls, medicines, Berries, and much more things in your bag. The Pokemon Go Promo Code For Coins. You can also access your Bag during Pokemon encounters. During the Encounter, items in your bag will be very useful to you. Each of the item in your bag will help you in finding and capturing the Pokemon.

Level Up Your Trainer

Catch as many Pokemon you can catch for increasing your Trainer level and for earning the Experience Points. Each capture award is based on the kind of Pokemon Go Promo Code For Coins you have caught. The level also depends on the accuracy of your throw. At the higher levels, you will have access to stronger items, such as Great Balls, to improve your throwing accuracy during catching Pokemon.

Earn Medals

Keep Finding and Capturing the Pokemon. The more rewards and Medals you will win, as far you will travel and as much Pokemon you will Capture. So keep completing these challenges and you will earn the medals that will appear in your player profile. Pokemon Go Promo Code For Coins will also help you to earn the Medals.

Note: Please never play Pokemon GO when you’re on your bike, driving a car, riding a hoverboard or on the Terrace or Road. As it can be dangerous for you. 

If you have any more queries or in case you need any help then you can contact at Pokemon Go Customer Service Phone Number:  +16509330075

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